Urban Landscape. having been born and grown up in Higher Broughton, Salford 7 from 1921, it was whilst visiting family in North Manchester in the early 1970s, that Ruth (now Roland) saw that the hold Salford was fast disappearing. She sketched and made water colours of the vast swathes of houses being demolished, whilst she sat in her car, and later created the large oil paintings that formed the basis of her major Retrostective exhibition at Salford City Art Gallery in 1975.

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IMG_2059.jpg IMG_2060.jpg IMG_2061.jpg
Rag-Bone! (Salford 6) 1973 detail of above detail of above
IMG_2062.jpg IMG_2138.jpg IMG_2139.jpg
detail of above Red Door (Salford 7) original frame. detail of 'Red Door' above.
IMG_2140.jpg IMG_3191.jpg IMG_3192.jpg
detail of 'Red Door' above. Liverpool Street Off License, Salford detail of above
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