Ruth Roland

an odyssey of exploration

These galleries contain part of the incredibly diverse and experimental body of work of a painter who exhibited widely and whose works created over some 80 years, hang in public and private collections all over the world.

As a woman born in Salford not long after the end of World War One, she trained classically, and was exhibiting in London when tragic circumstances forced her return to Manchester.

She lived before the days of social media. At the time of her death, her studios revealed a colossal collection so diverse - in terms of media - oils, water colours, etchings, silk screen prints, sculpture, and genre - portraits, abstract expressionist, figurative, still life, and styles which were uniquely hers. A collection which has never been seen before.

Having stored the contents of her studios since her death, aged 90, in 2011, it has taken the passage of time for me, as her son, to feel ready to open this sensational body of work, numbering over a thousand pieces, and dating from her earliest, childhood paintings from 1931 to her last pieces, painted just weeks before she died, to a wider audience.

I hope you enjoy them.

All enquires can be made to me, Neil Roland at or tel: 07792 365 437